Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm so glad I got my ride in yesterday!  Today, it is snowing (yeah! pretty!), and wet (yuck.)

We did an hour or so in the arena, worked on canter transitions without touching the reins.  Shawn rode Cartman last fall in my bridle and mentioned that he thought I needed different reins.  I've been using my leather racing bridle (its the only one big enough for Cartman's head) and a set of biothane endurance reins with snap ends.

Shawn was working on really light communication on a loose rein and he thought I needed heavier reins, being a roper he suggested a nice set of leather split reins. 

I tried, I actually had the brand new pair hanging over the door to the feed room, all ready to go on the bridle.  But...  those ties strings!!!!! Gack.  And the reins felt oily to boot.  Well, a few days after we brought Bo home from the pound Todd found the dogs playing with that new set of reins (tag still on).  So the dogs took care of it for me, no split reins.

I am hoping that the Hought Endurance tack people will be at convention because I see that they have some reins that might just work for me, and Cartman.  I need something with some weight to it, I think the slobber straps on western reins accomplish this.  I need something with a more definate contact with the bit.  The clip ends move a lot.  I still want the clip end option, for our endurance rides (I'm totally addicted to the easy on/off endurance tack.)  I swear if I could I'd have a Beta/biothane saddle!!! No cleaning tack is GOOD!!!

Yesterday I fully understood why the reins I've been using aren't working correctly.  With Dazzby I always rode with contact, english style.  They were great.  

With Cartman going on the loose rein, these reins are flopping around, no doubt giving him mixed signals through the bit and probably dulling his senses to the slightest communication.  It was really evident at the canter. Flop. Flop. Flop.

Pinky update:
Tomorrow Pink goes back to the clinic again to get a hoof patch installed and a new wrap around cuffed aluminum shoe glued on.  There is too much movement at the top of her foot and it is not healing properly.  Sigh.

Bo update:
Bo was slightly "off" in his right front the day we brought him home from the pound.  I didn't think much of it, sore paw? Dew claw? A little twist from sticking his foot through the god awful kennels?  I was pretty unconcerned.

A few days later, it was the left front.  Hmmm.  Then after our day in the sand he was really sore.  He actually seemed to flop over on his side at one point unable to move his right shoulder.  Uh oh.

I made an appointment at the vet to check out the lameness, get all his shots taken care of, and most importantly get him neutered.

When I dropped him off the vet palpated both legs and thought it was his elbow.

They took a couple of x-rays while he was out for the surgery.  Todd picked Bo up the next day and brought him by the lab for me to see.  I missed him while he was gone.

Bo was wearing the cone of shame.  Appparently he was wanting to lick, or chew his stitches so they fitted him with a huge cone to keep him from causing more problems.

It turns out our pound puppy has OCD in both elbows.  Todd saw the radiographs and it was evident even to his untrained eye there is a problem.  One elbow has a flap of bone that hooks out and is actually catching the joint at times (that explains the floppy leg thing).

I guess when the vet explained to Todd that Bo would need a fairly expensive surgery to fix his issues Todd calmly replied, "Oh, that's nothing.  We have horses I'm used to big vet bills."  I had to laugh at that one.  Sad but true. 

So, after the neutering heals up Bo will be headed back for surgery number two.


AareneX said...

yeah, hmm, "cheap" shelter dogs rarely are! Worth it, though.

WV: sconst
new brand name for bakery that markets to builders. The speciality is SCONTs, a satisfying, heavy-duty biscuit for hardworking folks.

Funder said...

Hey, just use the tie strings on some heavy leather reins TO TIE TO CLIPS. Then you can clip on but you get the weight/feel of split reins. Brand new leather reins that you'll have to re-buy. Sigh, dogs.

Poor Bo - but LOL @ Todd!