Monday, April 23, 2012

Last Weekend

Last weekend was spent outside, alot.  The sun was finally shining again!
Friday after work Cartman and I jogged 5 miles.  I just couldn't quite get him to break out into a real sweat.  His neck got warm, warmer, warmer, a little "ruffled" looking..... but no real sweat.  He did sweat under the saddle quite a bit.  

Saturday I did the Red Rock Road trail again, to show some friends the trail.  It was really warm compared to what temperatures we have been getting.  We did a bit of jogging during the ride, so we did get some good sweating that day! 

I decided to give him a few days off to recuperate from jogging on the gravel logging roads, so we will go back to the arena tomorrow for some arena practice. 

Sunday was spent outside as well.  It was over 80 degrees and really humid.  When Girlie saw me cleaning out the water trough she came right over and stood behind me.  I mean right behind me too.  I could feel her breath on the back of my neck.  This could only mean one thing...... She wanted a bath!

I missed getting pictures of Girlie's bath but today even Draol gets in on the action.


AareneX said...

Looking good! When is C coming to a ride...Renegade? >g<

I'm loving the blue skies and sunshine, too.

CG said...

Mt Adams is on the radar for us. I'm a bit nervous though. I had planned to ride with a friend with her rock-steady trail mare, but they haven't been able to condition and won't be up to the LD. I'm trying to decide if it will be crazy to take a greenie out alone on his first ride!

Funder said...

Sunday here was 90 (record high!) and not humid at all. Dixie did NOT appreciate her bath and extra clip job, but them's the breaks, kiddo. Glad you have horses that enjoy the water!

Ruth said...

CG: We will ride the LD with you at Mt. Adams if you don't mind keeping it to 7 mph or so. Blue is rock-steady as long as we aren't cantering. :)

CG said...

Ruth-I really enjoyed riding with you at Mt Adams a few years ago- that'd be fun!!!