Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fly Predators and Specialized Saddle

So, anyone had luck with these?

I used some many years ago and my neighbor said he thought we had less flies around.  Since I live here, with the horses, I don't remember noticing a big difference.

Nonetheless, after finding all my horses on the first 80 degree day of the year, with faces covered in flies- I can't take it anymore!!!  I'm going to give them another try, and I've ordered extra.  I will also use the disgusting stinky traps, just because there's something satisfying about seeing all those annoying little buggars dead in the plastic jar.

Onto other, more civilized topics.

I took C down to the arena today.  I should back up a bit.  Work was hectic, stressful and generally annoying today- hey, what's new???  I had planned on skipping my carmel macchiato but by 7:30am I already wanted to get the flock out of there for a minute.  So, I caved and went to Starbucks.  It was really good, and with the 1/2 amount of syrup is still good when I get to actually finish it hours later.  Did I say work was hectic yet??

Today was the day I had agreed to let a lady that boards down at the arena try out my Specialized saddle.  For some reason, knowing that I had this appointment was double stressing me out.  I'm uncertain whether this was really because I feared not getting down there in a timely fashion to meet her, or whether the stress is the general obsessive/compulsive stress of having to do something that isn't in my "routine".  Sigh.

Anyway, I finally got home in time to throw both saddles, all the fitting cushions, and my pads into the truck.  Luckily C wasn't too dirty.  He went in next.

As luck would have it, the fitting cushions I use on C were good enough for a test ride on her mare.

Now, I had to ride in the western saddle.  I'll admit, I love looking at the western saddle, and smelling it.  I love seeing Cartman wearing the saddle.  I'm just not to the point of  loving to ride it. 

My Specialized is SO comfortable,  I feel SO secure in it, it is SO light!

Anyway, I did ride the Crates and did OK this time.  I have to adjust the stirrups a little shorter than your typical western rider.  I think I will be able to lengthen them out once the saddle is broke in better.

Oddly enough I did notice a distinct difference in how C moves wearing this saddle.  I thought I had noticed it before, the one time I actually did arena work in the western saddle.  Today it was unmistakable.  He is much rougher.  I actually feel concussion at the trot, whereas normally he is pretty "floaty".  

Do I have the saddle to far forward?  I'm curious about this, since I've always ridden english I tend to move the saddle a little more forward.  My Specialized fits him so perfectly that no matter where I place the saddle it ends up in the right pocket.

I don't know.  Next time I will try setting it back a smidge, just not far enough to get him sore in the loins!

Our ride was really nice, despite the rougher feeling to the trot.  He cantered out really well and was quite well behaved.

I've decided once again, I LOVE my Specialized saddle!!


Funder said...

Ooooh I love the jar of dead flies too! It's love/hate - I hate smelling it and (eeeick) carrying it to the trash, but I love murdering all those flies. Good luck with the predators - I really don't have enough flies out here to justify them.

So you were letting someone try the Specialized to see if she and her horse like how it feels? You're not selling it?!

CG said...

Ooops, funny how you don't know how something sounds until someone else reads it!

I'm definately not selling my saddle- in fact I may have it buried with me!!!!

She wanted to ride one, before deciding on a purchase.

Oh, and I'm SO jealous of your lack of flies:)

Funder said...

Whew, ok! ;)

Yeah, it snows a lot, and the wind howls year-round, and there's no grass... but the sun shines whenever it's not snowing, and there's hardly any flies or mosquitos! Lotta trade offs but it's been fun.

GunDiva said...

The Fly Predators work - we've used them for years and have talked the livery into using them. Once the livery changed management and actually cleaned up their pen, the predators had a fighting chance against the flies. It's kind of gross to have a writhing pack of bugs in your hand when you place them out, but it's so worth it.

Dom said...

FlyPredators are amazing. Even in the worst years, we had less flies at our barn than the ones in the surrounding area, and the ones we DID have weren't likely to be the biting variety.

Ruth said...

We had a lot of success with the Fly Predators on the dry side. Major reduction in the overall number of flies, and we almost never saw the large, biting varieties.

Becky said...

Fly Predators: In the Bakersfield area, you can open the door to your car and know without even stepping out whether or not the barn you're at is using them. No predators? You're instantly assaulted. Small sprinkling of predators? Mediocre amount of flies. They've doused every poop pile imaginable with them? No flies. Anywhere.Those things ROCK!