Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pictures of C

 Today I had one of the dreaded low barametric pressure headaches, I was going to take a lesson on Cartman but instead Shawn rode him for me while I took pictures.

Look Ma- no hands!


Becky said...


And muddy. Man, I'm going to have to acclimate to mud.

But gorgeous!

CG said...

Ha! That is not mud:) It is wet sand. Too funny, I bet you don't have 45 words to describe rain yet either?? Just wait!!!

AareneX said...

He looks lovely.

Yes, wet sand. which is NOT mud. Most of our mud is drying up now, it's at the sticky-nearly-dry stage...but since I have no horses in my pasture right now, who cares?


C does look lovely, lovely lovely. Very balanced for a young'un, too!

CG said...

Thanks so much!

We're doing a first real solo ride tomorrow, up in the log woods, wish me luck:)

HHmstead said...

Shawn sure looks nice on your boy! Love his long legs & nice seat!

Becky said...

There is going to be such a learning curve.

Here in Huntington Beach they put a lock on the arenas when it rains until they COMPLETELY dry out - like, fluffy dry.

If you ride your horse at anything above a walk when it's wet (no sinking, just wet) everyone yells at you that the horse will slip and damage its legs, and don't you care about it?

You would NEVER see anyone riding in your mud...err, wet sand, for risk of permanently injuring the horse.

It's kind of nice to have my suspicions confirmed that horses don't die when it gets wet.