Friday, July 6, 2012

Burnin' Down the House!

Not really, but that song has been going through my head since I got home this evening and saw the destruction that is my roof!

Last night Todd loaded up all the shingles onto the car trailer and covered it with a tarp.

I picked up nails with my handy horseshoe nail magnet.

Todd finally took a little break with the boys.

Today the trailer load of shingles went to the dump.  The truck and loaded trailer weighed in at over 12500#!

The guys picked up the necessary plywood, ice/water shield, and flashing.  This whole process would have been alot easier if the last owners had actually put flashing on the roof. Ugh.

The whole overhang here was rotten and full of termites.

Yes, that's actually a box inside my attic!

Demon horses watch Todd and Raf discussing the roof

Lowering Todd and Andy off the roof.

Dan and Raf are ready to pull the rotten wood off the porch.

I did some more off this.

On a horse related note- I may have finally found someone to ride my mare Dazzby!  She really needs to go back in some type of work and I simply don't have time to ride two horses.  She is a pony club girl and actually has her own horse, but is coming out Sunday to ride with me.  I don't think she's really interested in doing any trail stuff but the arena work will be good for Dazzby and Cartman.

Oh, and the pillow is wonderful.   I've tried it for a week and have no intentions of returning, despite the fact that I could buy 20 lattes for the same amount of money!


AareneX said...

Yikes, rotten roof! Glad you're getting that fixed before winter.

HHmstead said...

Good thing you've torn into that roof now! Doubt it would have lasted much longer! :-)
Nice that you've found a rider! Now I have to check out the pillow post! :-)
Bare Bones for you?