Monday, July 30, 2012

I swear!

I have been thinking about updating the blog for days.  Todd and I just returned from a quick trip to California and I took a lot of pictures to share.  All weekend I drug around like a zombie, every single  little task felt like a supreme effort.

I blamed my lack of energy on my new "diet"- more on that adventure in another post.  But this diet should be making me feel better than ever, no hi/low sugar rushes to deal with.  

I should have known, Saturday I woke up with the slightest sore  throat.  It never really
got any worse so I trudged on, weedeating, cleaning vehicles, riding Dazzby, and taking Bo Dog for an hour long walk.

This morning, as I headed off to go back to work (post vacation first day back- ack!)
it started.   The sneezing, the faucet nose.  Crap.  I am totally getting a cold!!!!

Of course, I've planned to pick up Cartman tomorrow night (he was at the trainer's while I vacationed), then do a leg stretcher Wed, or Thur, then off to Bare Bones Ride Friday.

I really really hope this is gone by Friday, as I don't think camping and riding 30 miles sounds like too much fun right now.


AareneX said...

No worries--if you're sick on Saturday, you'll be better by Friday!

See you soon!

HHmstead said...

Oh NO! So looking forward to seeing you there - will hope you make a speedy recovery!