Sunday, June 15, 2014

Holding Pattern

If nothing else, horses will try to make you into someone who is "flexible"- and I don't mean a dancer.

Next week is the Sunriver Ride.  I've been planning it to be Cartman's first 50 miler. 

Several things had to happen for this to be a possibility. 

First, we had to complete both Mt. Adams and Klickitat Trek.  I felt he needed at least two LDs prior to attempting a 50- I don't tend to do training rides over 12-15 miles as I haven't found a good trail in this area to do longer rides on (that is not a mud pit).  So the first two rides I have considered training rides for him.

We completed both, Cartman got great vet scores and came out of each one stronger.  I, also, felt really good after each ride.  I plan on doing a post some time soon to line out what has made the difference for me in being able to increase my distance and comfort in the saddle.

Second, Cartman had to be allergy free.  You may not remember but last year when I bush-hogged our field and Matt cut hay  Cartman got a raging case of  "Summer pasture allergy".  Yup, horses which live to eat grass can unfortunately be allergic to it as well. Sigh. 

So far C has shown no signs of the allergy from last year.  It is, however, a little early.  The air is still damp and moist and the hay is still growing.  I've already arranged to be forewarned when the cutting will start and I plan on bringing C up to the house- as far away as I can get him from the dust.

Third, Cartman had a blood test in April that showed his Selenium level was low.  It came out at 85ppt and "good" levels are 120-185ppt.  The vet OK'd him for shorter rides but requested that I get him rechecked prior to bumping up distance. 

So, last Monday Doc came to draw blood.  I asked him to send it to the same lab (Michigan State Univ.) that did the original test.  I am waiting, anxiously for the results.  Hopefully they will arrive before Friday!!

Now, just to throw yet another wrinkle into my perfect plan...

Yesterday as C and Buddy and I were heading back to the trailer Buddy spotted a deer.  Crap.  I really worry about losing him if he gets off on one of these wildlife chasing expeditions. So, I pushed C up into a trot and headed towards where he took off into the brush. 

As I pulled Cartman up he stumbled pretty badly- behind.  Cartman wears a brushing boot on his left hind ankle.  He used to interfere and has clobbered that ankle so many times it has a permanent scab/scar.  I felt him take a few "off" steps as we pulled up. 

Buddy came out of the woods about this time and since we were less than a mile from the trailer I hopped off and decided to walk C in on foot.  I scrutinized both hind feet.  No sign of injury.

We got home and I washed Cartman off briefly before turning him back out.  As I released him he took off in a wonderful long low trot.  Perfectly sound. Whew.

Later that night I went down to feed C and his pasture-mate Girlie.  As they munched on dinner I picked up C's foot to see if he would indeed be needing another set of brand new shoes, or if possible they could be reset.  It's looking like brand new again.

Out of habit I ran my hands down his legs to check for filling or heat.  As my hand felt his right pastern it felt rough.  That's not right.

I ran around and picked up the right front.  There halfway down the back of the pastern was a bloody scab.  About the size of a quarter.  NOOOOOOO!!!  I'm pretty sure he did this when he stumbled and took the funny steps.  Ouch.

It isn't deep, really just scraped the hide off. There was no swelling or heat.  I hiked back up to the house and grabbed some Biozide.  After slathering it with ointment he trotted off away from me back to the grass. Sound.

So, now we have yet another thing to consider before heading to Sunriver.  The wound is minor but is in a location that could easily be irritated with sand or dirt.  I'm not sure it can completely heal in just 7 days. 

So here I am, waiting again.

What's a compulsive planner to do when they can't plan???

First I cleaned the house then, I decided to do something I absolutely despise.  Cook something.

Here are some pictures of my "culinary masterpiece" snicker, snicker....

All that freaking chopping, OMG.

I almost had to touch raw chicken. Thankfully, remembered I bought a box of nitrile gloves from work for applying meds to horses.  It was close though.

It starts out looking edible.

We'll see, I don't have a good track record in the kitchen.


AareneX said...

Horses know how to keep us humble, for sure. And flexible, too.

As for the food, hey, I'd eat it. Of course, I am notoriously not picky about food. Err. Obviously.

CG said...

Ha ha, I'm not picky either. Left to my own devices I'd eat tortillas with melted cheese or salad every night just to avoid cooking.

I have great respect for those that can cook and enjoy doing so though!

Funder said...

Fingers crossed for you two!

irish horse said...

Oh, I can't touch raw chicken either! If someone else cooks it, I'll usually eat it.

Right before your first 50, damn! They do keep us humble. Last year Major did something similar right before our first 50 of the season. I made sure he was sound (to my eyes) and really pointed it out to the ride vet (so they wouldn't think he'd hurt himself on trail). He was fine. So I'll hope the best for Cartman.

Jonna said...

Oh man , glad it turned out to be nothing too major on the injury. The timing of that while preparing for your first 50 is just so cliche, isn't it! Glad Buddy came back. I have not let Xena loose while on the trail riding yet for that same fear. I just would die if I lost her because she wouldn't ever go to anyone to be rescued! Just can't take that chance!
Soups looks perfect! Good Luck at SunRiver!