Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday with my Buddies

Since it rained Thursday and threatened Friday I knew I had to ride Saturday morning.  So, I was thrilled to see cloudy and overcast but no actual precipitation as I loaded up the boys and headed up to Toutle.
Todd decided to take his T-Bucket and go to the Truck Rodeo at the Clark Co. Fairgrounds.   That would certainly have been fun, but we have a ride to go to in one week!!!!
Buddy, always ready to go.

Last summer this was a shady road leading up to the big hill.  I remember the huge trees up there too.

uh oh, are they working on Saturday???

yup.  I get the message.
We had to turn around about mile eight.

I saw this, shortly before we came upon the truck.

Back through the forest.

Soon we'll be able to see the whole loop from the high points...

Finally tired the dog out at mile 13

Back home, Dazzby is rolling, not dead :)

Cartman wants to roll too.

Oh Yeah!!

Not too tired apparently.


AareneX said...

Looking pretty good there, Cartman!

CG said...

Think he looks ready for 50 miles??