Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Earth Tilts Off Axis

I'm pretty sure that most of our neighbors, all of my close friends, my family and co-workers would all be surprised to hear I have gotten an award for being "stylish".

After all, my husband has been threatening for some time now to turn me and my wardrobe over to "What Not to Wear".  I think the only thing saving me, so far, has been the fact that he would have to take care of all the horses while I would be off shopping in NYC!

Nevertheless, thank you AareneX from Haiku Farm for the honor of the Sylish Blogger Award!

Now I am to tell seven things about myself that you probably don't know (this shouldn't be too difficult as this is only my third blog post).

1)  I was born in Russelville Arkansas.

2)  At six I won the school talent show (yes, they really used to have talent shows and some kid could actually win) for singing "Come with Me to the Mountains" from The Sound of Music.

3) I now have an almost paralyzing fear of speaking in public.

4) My dream car is a 1959 Mercedes 190SL, black with red leather interior.

5) I can write cursive backwards and upside down.

6) The last award I won was Miss Cowlitz County Hotlips 1992, by submitting a lipstick print to the local radio station.

7) I once made my living galloping racehorses.

Whew- I have a whole new respect for all my favorite bloggers, this is harder than I thought it would be!

Just in case anyone questions my abilities to win this award, I will leave you with photographic evidence of my "Style"

Hey, what can I say- I was waiting for my friend to pick me up for a training ride and wanted to get a little floor installation done while I waited!

And now to perpetuate the Stylish Blogger Award I would like to nominate two of the blogs I enjoy reading:

Jonna of Barbs, Etc.

and Bif of I am Boyfriend



AareneX said...


(I can write upsidedown and backwards also)

CG said...

No way! Thats cool, I started doing the backwards writing thing as a kid so I could read it in the mirror.

Funder said...

Hey, Wonderboard! How'd your tile come out? :) (Fellow styleless home improver from the South here!)

CG said...

Hi there Funder! I love the tile, I hated all the messy-muddy stuff that is used to attatch it, but now its done- its great.
We'll probably put it in the bath as well, I want to do a tile shower with a seat in it.

Jonna said...

Hi ! Sorry for just noticing this award. I'll will be sure to update my blog.. writing upside down and backwards.. wow.. I can't even imagine trying to do that...
I like your blog! Will be working on catching up reading it!