Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Cold Stuff

Well, I had planned a nice post about Cartman's last trip to the trainer but realized that I probably better ask him (the trainer) if it would be OK to post his photos on the internet.  Cartman is a complete attention hound, so I know he wouldn't mind.

So, here are some random pictures from around the farm last week.  It was starting to get cold.

Certified Girl (or Girlie, or CG as she is also known) is living in the field out behind the house with her sidekick Draol.  They hang out, graze, groom each other, fuss at each other, and pester the neighbors horses next door.

Here they are one morning as I was going out to check their trough for ice.

Now they're getting curious, do I have ALFALFA?????

Ahhh, yes!!!!
And yes, that is a wisp of frozen hay and frosty whiskers hanging down below Girlie's chin.  I don't own a pair of clippers and have almost completely given up on pulling manes as well. 
Who would know these long haired beasts were Thoroughbreds?

On Monday I had the afternoon off, so I hauled Cartman and Dazzby in to town to a friend's arena.  I rode Dazzby while my trainer rode Cartman.

Dazzby was not up to snuff.  She kept swapping leads behind going to the left and to the right would only pick up the correct lead for two strides and then would swap to the left lead.  Troubling.  She has done this a little before, usually it is after an extended break from being ridden.  She has never been so adamant about the lead changing.

I have been riding her in boots when we go out anywhere there are rocks.  Unfortunately the last time I took her out a small rock got stuck in the heel piece of her boot.  It rubbed a small sore spot on the back of her pastern, not bloody, but definately irritated.  She is a very stoic mare and I feel bad for not noticing the rock earlier. I am hoping this small sore is what was causing the  problems for us on Monday's ride.

Thankfully my shoer was out Thursday and after about 3 hours in the sun, then rain, then hail, then snow we have shoes on again!!!!!

And now, for something completely different:

A cold poodle



AareneX said...

Ouch! What kind of boots???

I was so glad to get shoes back on Gigantor...of course, then the stupid weather moved in, anyhow.

If it ain't one thing, huh?

CG said...

Renegades. I got them last year and had some twisting issues. I guess you aren't supposed to use them on our slick hilly trails.
This year I just used them on the jogging trail that is a fine gravel footing, and the rock gets caught in the heel captivator and causes a rub.
Agh, I don't have the patience for boots!