Sunday, February 6, 2011


I have been reading blogs for a few years now and thought perhaps it was time to try my hand at writing one!

For starters this will be a blog about horses.  I am pretty obsessed with horses and always have been.  Some might thing my life is somewhat narrow.  I have my husband, my family, work, our small farm, and six Thoroughbred horses.

Here are two of our horses:

The nose belongs to Dazzby, the mare I am doing LD endurance rides with.  The little guy is Taj, her 2003 foal by Taj Alriyadh.

Taj is now seven years old and I still have him.  He was pretty much a failure at TB racing, more on that later.

Here is Taj's little brother Cartman:

Cartman just officially turned five years old on Jan. 1.  He won't really be five until April but he is going really well under saddle and so far has not lived up to his name- well, other than that one kicking episode when he was a month old.  I plan on using Cartman for distance riding and hope to be able to move up to 50s, or more, when he is ready.  It will be a while, we are taking things really slowly with him.

Next post will introduce the other three Wren Loop TBs.


AareneX said...

Hey, Welcome to the blogosphere! Are you planning to ride HOTR this year? Fiddle and I wouldn't mind seeing you and your mare out there....

AareneX said...

I've given you a Stylish Blogger Award! Stop by my blog for your little graphic and some details.