Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Am I grossing you out yet?

I guess a series of posts featuring a hoof wound, could be a little much for the average blog reader...

Sorry, but I just can't help myself, someday I'm going to look back at these pictures and posts and think how glad I am that that experience is over!

A little oozy upon first removing the wrap

cleaned up pretty good and the hole is filling in with tissue! I think the light grey areas surrounding the top are what we're after.
I LOVE the Hoof Sock.  Saves me from worrying about a wrap wearing thru and coming open.  It doesn't keep the hoof dry, but definately adds to the life of a wrap.

Cartman is on babysitting duty tonite.

Tonight we are getting our first "storm" of the winter season.  I deliberated all day, checking the internet every few hours and fretting about how cold, wet, or windy it may be.  Certified Girl is going to be 23 years old in 6 weeks and I don't think she handles the cold wet weather as well as she used to. 

Girlie and her sidekick Draol spent the summer at the spa (that's the neighbors farm up on the hill) its about 10 degrees cooler up there and has a lot of shade trees for them to hang out in.  By contrast our large pasture was a hayfield and is flat as a pancake and right about sea level.  In fact half of the field is bordered by a large creek. 

I brought the girls home last Saturday.  Draol cracked me up, she got SO excited when we turned them out on the home turf.  I think since it has been rainy the last few weeks that they were not being too exuberant up on the hill, it was a little slick.  When Draol hit that flat pasture she took off at a full gallop- and galloped, and galloped, and galloped in big circles.  Girlie jogged a few steps and dropped her head to start eating grass, occasionally looking up as Draol blew past.

Back to my fretting.  To blanket or not?  If there was much of a wind break I would not worry about it so much.  The pasture has a large arena but there are no walls, so if it's nasty they can stay out of the rain, but not the wind.

My blanketing dilemma was enhanced by Girlie's incredible coating of mud.  Did I mention she is the ultimate mud roller??  At one point I actually wondered if I could get close enough to her with the shop-vac to get the mud off.  In the end I spent the evening removing the mud from Girlie and covering myself with it instead.

The girls are now back out in their field, sporting their light winter turnouts, and I can rest easy tonite even if I hear the rain slapping in torrents against my bedroom window.


Funder said...

Horse blog readers are impossible to gross out with horse injury pics. ;) I didn't know CG was 23! :O Glad she's healing up so well and being so sensible about it.

HHmstead said...

OH! I GAVE up! Was out sponge bathing Farah last night at 6 p.m. in the Cold to get her clean enough to ride in "public" today! Now she'll be sporing her light weight rainproof sheet too, as will Khari when I do get a warm enough day to wash off the layer's of mud!
I agree with Funder - the pictures were amazing & interesting to see how great the healing went!