Saturday, November 5, 2011

Healing and other stuff

Well last nite was bandage change number three for Pinky.  She has been really  good about everything so far but last nite she was getting a little pissy about things.  It could have been that it was dinner time when I finally got off work, got all the chores done, and did the wrap change.

I tried 4cc of Ace the first time we changed the bandage, and it seemed like 3cc would probably have done the trick, she was pretty relaxed!

Last nite I think she needed the 4cc.  She was using her big old head to try and push Todd out of her way to  get back to dinner.  I did finally get her all wrapped up with Elastikon and the little Gorilla Tape bootie re-installed. 

The wound is looking as good as can be expected at day 11 of a hoof resection, I suppose.  It is starting to fill in with tissue a little, but is still exuding the amber colored fluid.  I called the vet clinic to ask about pain management, as I was wondering when she should start to be less ouchy on that foot. 

They decided to move up her appointment for cast removal to next Wednesday at 10am.  At that point the vet will have a farrier present to shoe her with a bar shoe.  I took the day off work to take her down there and have plenty of time, unhurried for once!

Cartman had his shoes pulled Thursday.  He has been in shoes with pad for about 18 months now, so I was a bit worried that he'd have some significant hoof tenderness.  Surprisingly he seems completely unfazed by the loss of his shoes and is plowing right down the gravel driveway when I've moved him from barn to pasture, go figure!

Since I can't ride this weekend, and its pretty wet, cold, and rainy I've been devoting my time to baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and shopping!  Yes, I really did say shopping!  Hee hee, I found some wonderful bargains at our local liquidator store- lots of cheap barn hats, gloves, and two coats.  I saved so much money that I came home and ordered Cartman a new turn out blanket from Schneider's :)


Funder said...

Oh, glad she's doing so well all things considered!

HHmstead said...

You "save" money the same way I do :-)