Saturday, November 26, 2011

Todd is Sneaky

Last Sunday I was puttering around doing chores.  Todd was sleeping, I thought.  Turns out he was following me with the camera.  I didn't realize it until I was coming back up to the barn after feeding the girls. 

Hope you enjoy my ensemble.... see I was born to be an endurance rider- with this fashion sense! 


Nick plays Pet Cemetary, I'm in the left top corner, dragging the feed cart across the field.

Draol got very excited when she noticed me with the Cart and went galloping around.


Aha!  I see you.
Do these 20 year old red sweats make me look fat????

No time to dilly dally, I've got chores to do.

Cleaning out the trailer.


Funder said...

Such a beautiful place!

CG said...

Thanks, it does look better when everything isn't soaking wet though- sometime about mid-July it might happen!

AareneX said...

Your outfit looks fine to me...but, uhm, I'm not sure that's a good thing...!

HHmstead said...

Beautiful farm! At least could "see" you in the red! :-)

AmberZ said...

LOL- Hide that camera, Karen!! Hey- I stumbled on this tonight- thought you would find it interesting. I certainly don't like what I read!! Amber

Dom said...

I love candid photos like this! Great farm :)