Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cast is Off!

I took Pink back down to the equine hospital today so that the cast could be removed and a shoe put on.

Dr. H is pretty pleased with the healing that has taken place.  But he did put her on some antibiotics for 10 days as there was a little yellow gooey fluid in the wound and the top of the wound actually had a little blood soaking onto the gauze.  The blood was not there on Monday when I did the last wrap change, so antibiotics are to keep us on track for healing!!

I was wearing my lucky Klickitat Trek sweatshirt (a lucky shirt- or the equivalent- is needed for all hospital visits) and the farrier asked me if I'd ridden it.  I told him that I had two years ago.  Later on as he was forming a custom bar shoe for Pink, I made conversation and asked if he shod a lot of endurance horses.  He said he did a few.  Then added that he had his 1000mile badge! ( I think thats what its called)

I was pretty shocked to run into a farrier that actually rides and owns horses, let alone does endurance!  Small world it ends up the horse shoer is the son of local endurance rider and ride manager Mary Nunn.

So, a big thanks goes out to farrier Calvin Nunn for fitting Pinky with a beautiful custom shoe.  I think she is going to be a lot happier very soon.

Also a HUGE thanks to Columbia Equine Hospital and Dr. Hansen, I am so thankful they are there to help us care for our horses.

It may look gory, but that pink tissue is a good thing.

It starting to "fill in" a bit.

I think it looks a lot better with the shoe on for support.

Pink is now safely back in her "grande" stall.  Brother Taj is babysitting this afternoon, and spending a relaxing day inside snacking on Orchard grass with her.

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HHmstead said...

Looking Much better! Mary Nunn is a wonderful woman! Can imagine any "kid" of hers has ridden since before he could walk :-)