Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hoof Saga Continues

Pink has been wearing her glue-on Sigafoos shoe for 5 weeks.  I started noticing a little crack heading towards the coronet band that was flexing as she picked up her foot.

Yesterday I hauled her down to Dr. Hansen so that the shoe could be re-set and he could check her progress.

When the shoe was pulled off the crack was still completely solid from the patch to bottom of her foot.  The shoe itself was still very solid and still attatched to her foot.  Likewise the patch appears to be solid.

So, the question is "Why is it splitting up above the patch?"  The patch can't physically be placed any higher than it is.  We decided to trim her up, as she had grown quite a bit of toe in the five weeks, and reset another glue-on.

The Dr. is going to contact some other vets that specialize in treating hoof problems, as well as the vet that came up with these special shoes to see if there is anything else we can do to help this start healing better.  Unfortunately the way the horses foot is designed it is almost impossible to keep it from flexing as they move around. 

It may simply be a waiting game.  I am continuing to keep the coronet soft with Neosporin or Corona and she is still on turn-out. 

Here are some pictures of our latest hoof trials.


Funder said...

Here's (hopefully) link #1 for you:
How to repair a hoof crack pdf

I'm trying to find a blog post I vaguely remember that showed that same "repair" method over time - from a big crack stitched together with wire and fiberglass all the way through where it had totally grown out. It works! Will update this if I can find it...

CG said...

That article follows what Pinky has on her foot pretty closely. She has the wires stitched together under a fiberglass patch, but instead of a bar shoe she has the glue on shoe with a cuff that comes up about half way up the foot.

Funder said...

Oh, I'd forgotten she has the wire stitching too - I thought the wire might help support the crack. Oh well - hope the new shoe does the trick!

HHmstead said...

Darn crack anyway! From the photos you can tell it's "trying" to heal - going to check out the link too. Can't imagine you doing anything more than you are!