Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hot! Hot! Hot!

No it's not the weather!

It was my darling horse.

Here are a few pictures from our ride on Sunday.  We just got shoes on last week so are starting out slow on the gravel pathways on the jogging trail.  Next week we'll probably do a ride out on the logging roads.  He hasn't been on ground that is this hard since last fall so I want to ease into it.  Don't want to get into the wrong side of one of those bone remodeling episodes describe over on the Boots and Saddles blog.

My normally laid back horse was totally wired Sunday.  For a few minutes I thought I might actually have to get off.  But after about a million circles, he finally agreed to walk calmly down the trail.  I hope  that he was just needing some hard "play time" with his brother.  They've been seperated since the shoes went on because Taj likes to rough house and has actually pulled off Cartman's back shoes before.

starting out

Speaking of grey

riding along the Cowlitz River

Alert! Garbage can ahead.

New little pool with waterfall

Here's where the trouble started, barking dogs across the river = snorting horse.   Oh, yeah there's actually a river between us and those houses.

Bald Eagle

Back into the sand at the other end of the park

This will get him to relax!

Back to the trailer, (white spot)


Funder said...

Beautiful pics!

AareneX said...

I need to ride. >>jealous<<

HHmstead said...

Very pretty even if in shades of "gray" :-) You need to trailer up & ride with us!

CG said...

Oh my, I wish! You guys have such amazing trails up there.