Monday, February 27, 2012

Wasted Weekend

This weekend was pretty miserable, the weather sucked, I had no energy, and it was cold too.

Saturday Todd and I did finish painting the tackroom :)  Pictures later this week.

Other than that, all I did was take care of horses and sulk with my Kindle.  I think I might have to come up with some guidelines for Kindle use once the weather improves.  Between the Kindle and the internet I could easily become a recliner potato!

Today was Monday and I jumped out of bed at 5am when the alarm went off.  It was COLD!  The troughs had ice on top (I mistakenly thought we were done with freezing weather and unplugged the heaters last week, hah!)

I did chores as quickly as possible, and after thawing out my car for 10 minutes headed in to work.  Today was the only day with forecast of sunny weather for the next ten days.  I simply HAD to ride after work.

It was still beautiful, blue and cold when I got home about 4pm.  I decided to do an arena session since I wasn't really sure how much daylight I would have by the time I got chores done and hauled out to ride.

As luck would have it I didn't even have to turn the arena lights on!  I stopped briefly talk with a couple of people at the barn that wanted info on my saddle.  Then had a great ride on Cartman and hauled back home.

It was finally getting really dark about 6:40pm as I lead Cartman and Dazzby out for their turn in the big back field.  I could see stars!!! It was beautiful.

By the time I got back from riding I knew why I had been so absolutely lazy this last few days.  My throat hurts.  Oh well, at least I now have an "excuse".

I cannot wait for summer.


Funder said...

Glad you got one nice ride in at least!

HHmstead said...

No time to get sick - unless you get it over with quickly. I didn't seen to have much energy either - but did get Khari out for a ride Monday while the sun was shining. Ride = Good Thing!