Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tack Room!!!

Ya'll guessed it, a tackroom.  Yeah!!!!

Now I can finally get all of the horse tack, blankets, trunks, etc. out of the house.  I currently have four saddles residing in the living room and dining room, and a LOT of random tack and blankets in the spare bedroom.  It is going to be really nice to have all that clutter gone :)

I am starting to get excited for actually decorating the room.  Some ideas we've thought about are, of course, where to put the saddle racks, bridle racks (these all have to built still).  I plan on putting a small oil radiator type heater in- to keep things from molding.

I would love to have an artist paint my herd on one of the walls, wouldn't that be cool??  Maybe someday.

Today I rode Cartman in the arena.  He was very responsive to the aids but we did have a little trouble getting the right side lead.  He is left handed, like most horses that I've had.  So that right lead isn't quite as easy or balanced as the left one. 

He worked up quite a sweat, he's still really hairy but is starting to blow that winter coat!

No exciting news here, so I'll leave you with a link to an interesting article I found posted over on the Coth bulletin board- on centering your horse.  Anyone dealing with a greenie will probably know how hard that can be!


AareneX said... Cartman coming to HOTR????

CG said...

I think Cartman is going to start out at Mt. Adams (in the trees).
As much as I enjoy the terrain over at HOTR, I'm a little hesitant to start him out in such an open environment- it certainly got his Momma wound up! Yeah, I'm a chicken, hee hee.

Funder said...

Eeek, so glad it's a tackroom!

Love the Buck article. What'd COTH think of it? So many of them are extra-snobby English riders...

CG said...

Yeah, Coth can certainly get a little "attitude" at times, the link fell off the front page pretty quickly but the people that did respond, did so favorably... Just don't mention Parelli over there!