Monday, January 13, 2014

3rd Ride in 4 Days!!!

When I went out to feed this morning the sun was shining.  I'm on one of "days off" from work, so there was only one thing I could do...
New tack set from American Trail Gear :)

Not something we get to see often in Western Wa. in the winter.

C. made a beeline for this little runoff stream halfway through our ride- he was thirsty.

What's better than Unicorns and Rainbows?????
 Cartman and Rainbows!!!!

I'm lucky to have this deep sand area to ride in when he's barefoot.  This is all dredge spoils from Mt. St. Helens 1980- and it covers over 400 acres and is probably 40-50 feet tall in some sections.

The town of Castle Rock is directly across the river from here- you can kind of see some through the trees.  The green treed lump on the right side of the photo is the Castle Rock.

another water break

Taj and Girlie were anxiously waiting for C to come home.

I love that C isn't really prone to being herd bound.  He has important grazing to do, no time for visiting with his friends!
Edited to add:

So after our ride in the arena last night I set up a similar scenario to the ride at Halloween (where his left ankle swelled up again after a night in the stall).  I've been wondering if that incident was an isolated one, or something that I might have to deal with on a continual basis. 

Since his original injury was Oct. 4th- and he was ridden several times between the 15th and the 31st with no swelling, but had been turned out after each ride- I didn't really know if it was related to the injury? or over-exertion?  or being stalled. 

I think I made the right decision to just give him the two months off- because this morning there was absolutely no swelling anywhere after a hard ride and a night in the barn! 


Amber Z. said...

YAY for no swelling! :D

HHmstead said...

Good news all round~! Love that you enjoyed your first rainbow of the new year! Makes the ride so special! Love all the photos too! Nice to "see" where you ride! Bet that sand is nice. Are you anywhere Near Berringer Arabian Farm? That's where we took my first Arab mare.

HHmstead said...

Love the blue! Looks almost Neon in the light.