Sunday, January 26, 2014

So much for plans...

I had fully intended to go down to the PNER convention both Fri. and Sat. this year.  I really enjoy the seminars and learn something every time. 

So Friday morning rolls around and it is really cold and really grey...  I have absolutely no motivation and I don't feel like being social.  Hmmm.  Sometimes I can force myself into things but this just wasn't one of them, apparently I have little will power. Sigh.

I spent the morning cleaning the house and trying to vacuum the dog hair off our black area rug (what was I thinking??? Black???? Ugh).  About 1pm the sun came out and it was awesome!  I went down and grabbed Cartman and was cleaning him up as Todd pulled in from work.  We decided to run over and get a bite of lunch and then I would go ride and T. could nap if he needed to.

I took C over to the arena and it was so nice and dry that I was able to ride from the indoor into the outdoor section.  This almost doubles the length of the arena and we were able to work on our simple lead changes and canter departs.

C worked up a good sweat and I felt so much better after riding.  When we got home I did some grooming and he is shedding!!!!!!  Yeah!!!!!

Unfortunately this means that Buddy (our GSD) is also shedding- as if he ever stops....hahaha.

So at this point I decide I will go down to convention in the morning, sit thru the PNER meeting and elections and stuff then shop and attend a few seminars. 

As I was letting Buddy out for his late nite potty break at 11pm I notice he's taking longer than usual.  It is already freezing outside and I'm in shorts and a fleece top. I got out on the porch and whistle, and call, repeat, repeat, repeat.  No dog.  

So I spent the next hour driving around looking for my dog.  It was super foggy, and at one point I actually got into the wrong "road" over by the river and had to put the truck in 4WD to get out.  I backed over a small tree and decided this was pointless.  No dog.

Todd got up about 3:30am and went looking.  He found Buddy down at the minute mart.  Again.  The cooks had just gotten there to start preparing breakfast foods I guess and Bud didn't want to miss out on that. 

So when I finally got up Sat. I was feeling tired, and draggy.  Plus a little pissed off at the dog. 

Last weekend we had gone up to Cabela's and purchased a wireless dog fence.  We spent Sat. morning checking the perimeter, putting up the little flags and training Buddy to the fence.   I must say he "got it" right away.  At first he was really sheepish and was pretty much glued to my leg, uncertain exactly where he could go, but one day later it is like magic.  I love it.  I pray it keeps working.  He is really wary of crossing the line so as long as we keep the battery on and nothing lures him past it- I think it is going to work!

He'll still have to kennel when we actually leave the house, but now I can let him out to run around the whole yard without worrying he's going to take off:)

My next house will definitely have a perimeter fence.

By the time I actually got down to the convention it was 2 or 3pm, so I didn't get to attend any seminars.  Todd went with me and we shopped the vendors and the used tack sale.  Purchasing one bottle of special flyspray that is supposed to work for sweet itch horses!  I'm crossing my fingers on this one, as I ended up having to roach Taj's mane last year he got the itch so bad:(

I sat in several saddles and am toying with the idea of getting a new one.  I'm still really concerned about the white hairs I found on C's back this year.  I do love my Specialized but getting it fitted is a bit of a pain in the ass.   I will have to take C up to Yelm again (almost 2 hour drive) to get it done and I need to do it soon. 

Todd really liked the Ansur saddles but I'm not sold on treeless.  The Reactor Panel saddles looked good and I love their 2 week trial policy but I need to look into the way the panels attach to the saddle a little more.  They seem to get really good reviews online. 

I despise saddle shopping so I will probably end up trying to get my current saddle fitted again before doing anything rash.  I find the Specialized to be really, really comfortable for me. 


AareneX said...

I can help with the Specialized, but I'm pretty far away too! Sorry I didn't get to see you at convention.

lytha said...

hey, i still haven't figured out where you are, but since you're somewhere near hwy 12 (i think) i wanted to ask if you'd ever ridden to blue lake? there was a cmo there, might still be, and i remember taking the turn at randle and going south, despite the warnings that week that the mountain was spewing a little ash.

anyway, i seem to remember rimrock but blue lake was an exquisite little thing - i rode my horse right into the lake and went swimming with my horse.

CG said...

Aarene- Sorry I missed you too! It looks like you guys had a good time.

Lytha- I am in Castle Rock, and most of my home trails are between Vader and Winlock. I don't believe I ridden to Blue Lake, but I did ride part of the Pacific Crest Trail and saw some stunning lakes that were crystal clear- up on the North side of Mt. Adams. Beautiful country- and only available by foot (equine or human!)

HHmstead said...

The saddle "thing" - I've been going through some "stuff" too. Now, we're hoping to head to Ellensburg this weekend to meet with a Saddle Maker.
Do you have the thicker pads on the Specialized?

CG said...

Uh oh, not you too! I am using the wool bootie saddle pads. Prior to the white hairs C used the thicker 1" fitting cushions (originally he was quite narrow). After the dreaded discovery of white hairs I traded the thick pad out for the standard 3/4" pads. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get it checked by a fitter so I'm kinda flying blind...

CG said...

Connie- What type of saddle are you considering?

HHmstead said...

That's what I used with my Specialized Trailmaster.
I may have mine torn down to either fix the fit - or replace the tree. Since it's "perfect" for me - it needs to be perfect for Farah. Tired of shims, pads etc.

HHmstead said...

I'd looked at SR's - they're very popular - but they have a pretty wide twist - to short me - feels like sitting on a 2x6. They also wear through where the rigging hits the fenders - have seen this on several older ones.