Sunday, January 12, 2014

Motivational Difficulties

This cold wet windy weather is causing me some major motivational problems in the riding department.

I find myself perusing the internet and feeling SO envious of those in places like Arizona and California, sigh. 

I've taken Cartman out for a few rides, once last Sunday we walked the five mile trail (no horseshoes= no jogging in gravel for this tenderfooted TB).  Then Friday I hauled down to the arena and we worked for about an hour on arena stuff.

**** This blog post was interrupted by another arena ride****

Ha, ha as I was typing out this post Michelle called and talked me into riding!

It has been raining buckets here so when I pulled Cartman up to the barn his lightweight 100g blanked must have weighed 20lbs.  Luckily he was still dry and slick underneath but there was no grooming his legs or neck- they were soaked.

I worked Cartman a little harder tonight and he looked like a Bashkir Curly when we finished up,  he really has quite the coat this year.

A few of the boarders came in to ride while we were there, they had some lovely muscly Quarter Horses that looked like they were in summer coats, not a long hair anywhere!  I had to chuckle when they explained their horses were really spoiled.... even wearing blankets with hoods???

I'm pretty sure C would never forgive me if I tried to put a hood on him, snicker, snicker.  I guess being "spoiled" is a relative thing!  He seems happiest running out in the pasture and would even prefer to do it au naturelle :) 

So, really no excitement going on here... just checking out the sanctioned rides and trying to plan my schedule for the 2014 endurance season. 

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HHmstead said...

Your post title is a perfect description of what this January rain is doing to most of us! Nothing like a good friend to get you out!