Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Take That, 2013!

Cartman, Girlie, and Taj show 2013 to the door.

Last ride of the year
I took Cartman to the arena after 2 MONTHS off.  He was great, like we'd never missed a day!  And best of all no swelling in the ankle the next morning:)


Buddy and I head out for our last 5 mile walk/run of the year.

After dinner festivities.

Todd wearing his horse head, and my hat.

We cooked chilli and had lots of snacks.  Mom is visiting from Ark. and she made a yummy Pumkin Cake.

Good friends joined us for New Year's Eve.

My friend Amber made me this awesome picture.  I hereby dub this my motto for 2014!!!!!


HHmstead said...

SO Very Glad to hear that your main ride is Back! What a Great way to wrap up the year & start the new one!

Amber Z. said...

awwww!! I'm glad you like the sign I made! :D
We had a great time on NYE- thanks for hosting us.